A land of relaxing hilly landscapes not yet reached by mass tourism, the Casentino preserves all the charm of its traditions, the legacy of ancient knowledge and the secret of its ancient forests, consecrated in 1993 as the seat of the National Park of Casentino Forests.

The most important centers of Casentino are Bibbiena, the artisan and industrial center of the valley, and the adjacent Poppi, which is part of the Club of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. 

The main tourist destinations of the valley are: the  Rally del Casentino, the Biennale Internazionale d’Arte fabbrile e Campionato del Mondo di Forgiatura, the Festival internazionale Naturalmente PianoForte, the exhibitions of Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore, the Festival internazionale di Musica d’Organo Santuario de la Verna.